Let’s cut to the chase-THIS IS THE BEST ENDUROCROSS BIKE I HAVE EVER RIDDEN. As a complete package, the 2010 AMA Trials Champion’s machine is so balanced and dialed in that it’s surprisingly easy to adapt to!

Pro Rider

All in all both KTM’s were a marked improvement and exactly what we had talked about, the kind of communication necessary in personalizing anything. RATED 94 OUT 100 by editor Jimmy Lewis!

Dirt Rider Magazine KTM 350 & 500 suspension test, April 2013

Having Stillwell Performance set up my Factory Beta 350 made all the difference in the world from last year. My bike was so planted, and I felt like I could hit anything I wanted, from the biggest rockpile to the exact line I needed to ride. I’m coming into 2013 with so much confidence that I will have the best suspension out there. I can’t wait for the season to start!

Cody WebbAMA National EnduroCross #2, X Games Silver Medalist -- Factory Beta 350RR

I have worked with Alan now for three years and he has done suspension for me on my Geico Honda CRF’s, Factory Husky’s and now my KTM’s. Tuning for AMA National EnduroCross and extreme enduro’s is about the toughest thing you can ask a suspension guy for, but every year my bikes have been so dialed in. He takes all of these complex variables and does his “black magic” and as soon as I ride it they just feel perfect. My 2013 KTM 350XC-F setup gives me so much confidence that it’s upped my game for sure. I have been able to win the first two regional EX races this year and it’s because I can just hit stuff so fast and I know the bike is going to track straight, with no deflection and hook up where it needs to-every time. If you are serious about your off road riding or racing, Stillwell Performance is the only tuner to work with!

Kyle RedmondAMA National EnduroCross #7 -- 2013 KTM 350XC-F

I was pumped to win the AMA Hare Scrambles opener this past weekend. I got the hole shot which made things easier. My race was pretty much flawless and suspension handled perfectly on my Stillwell Performance tuned 310, all the way to the finish!

Cory GraffunderAMA National Champion -- Factory Husqvarna 310

In addition to riding for Alan on the Factory Beta Racing Team, I work in the Stillwell Performance shop. I can see firsthand what separates SP from other suspension shops. We take so many more things into consideration when designing a setup for the customer-where in the country do they ride, what % of time is spent sitting vs. standing, how much weight do they transfer forward/back, etc. The amount of time SP puts into working with each customer really pays off and it’s amazing how the majority of the business coming into the shop is through referrals! The attention to detail is awesome and our customers are so loyal. Proud to be a part of that, both on the track and at work!

Max Gerston2012 AMA Junior EnduroCross Champion -- Factory Beta Racing 350RR

I switched to the KTM 250XC last season, and Alan really worked with me on my setup. As my speed increased he was able to make changes that allowed me to take overall victories in National EnduroCross, and the Silver Medal at the X Games. I’m so excited to be working with Stillwell Performance again in 2013!

Louise ForsleyAMA National EnduroCross #2, X Games Silver Medalist -- KTM 250XC

I have been racing the Stillwell Performance suspension for the past 4 years and have had excellent success with it. This past year I raced the National Hare and Hound series and won the National Title in the women’s class. A lot of my success is contributed to how well the bike suspension performs. Alan and his team are very easy to work with and are willing to take the time to make the necessary adjustments to get the bike working for all kinds of conditions. Ironically I have found that all my Stillwell suspension set ups work best if I ride though things faster. All I had to do was train myself to trust the bike at higher speeds and the ride was smooth. I always bring my bikes to Alan to get the suspension done; I have noticed amazing results in both my races and off-road riding in my free time.

Nicole BradfordAMA National Hare & Hound Champion -- 2012 KTM 350XC-F

I’m extremely happy with my results this weekend at the Cherokee National Enduro. I have worked hard over the winter and it feels good to have the results to show for it. My KTM Stillwell Performance suspension worked amazingly well and gave me the confidence to ride faster and smoother throughout the day.

Mandi MastinAMA National Enduro Champion -- KTM 250XC-F

4 days into the Contenintal Divide Ride and after the 6th crossing of the Divide the forks and shock
are working even better then expected, and my expectations were high after talking to other satisfied SP adventure customers. They eat up the small chop/stuff all day and the big hits don’t phase them. Gotta go, Stillwell Performance rocks!

Jeff Smith2010 KTM 990 Adventure

Alan & Max,
I’m ecstatic about the results of the suspension!
They were exactly as you predicted (with the settings set just as you handed it back to me).
- The rebound control is beyond what I had hoped for in the whoops. No packing. It recovers before the next hit, with no kick. I can actually bounce from roller to roller for the first time. What a blast.
-When I pull on the bars for rear wheel traction it responds! It takes way less energy so I’m running faster farther.
-The turn-in and front wheel traction is so much more precise and predictable. I more relaxed dropping-in, which equates to higher corner speed and less energy burned. There’s less energy burned coming out of the corners since I’m not have to break my ass playing catch-up.
-The planted feel in high-speed large radius single track turns means I’m able to weight the pegs to turn the bike without having go through all the extra work of moving a foot up to the front axle. I can stay standing. Again, less energy consumed.
-Keeping in mind what you said about fast rebound for a PDS bike I was finally able to lighten up the fork rebound. This allowed the bike to pop off the top of kickers and whoops nice and flat. No more nosing over from being tied down too hard. Now when hitting rain ruts at 90 degrees it doesn’t feel like it drops in and gets “stuck” It rolls right through if you keep a steady throttle and slide back on the bike slightly. Again higher average speed.
-Oh, and this one is huge for me, the shock did 23 miles and performed dead on consistent the entire ride! Friggin’ awesome. Never did that before for either time it was revalved previously by another local Phoenix tuner.
The fork I can live with as-is for a while but you will be re-valving it later this year, of course! I am liking the Silkolene fully synthetic 2wt oil so far.
I’m already spreading the word. I had my fast B paced buddy telling me the bike looks so much more planted. That and he finally couldn’t catch me in the whoops. So I think he’ll be spreading the word too.
Thanks for the great service and thanks for pretty much changing my life on a dirt bike. It is that profound.

Mat Wachter2009 KTM 300XC

I just wanted to pass along a big thanks to Alan and the Stillwell team. Both of my Stillwell suspended bikes 2012 300 XC-W and a 2013 450 XC-F are absolute weapons in the woods. I have lots of customers riding Stillwell suspension and all are very happy. We also have the Stillwell linkage guard in stock and it is doing its job on my 450 xc-f. If you want your bike to work correctly and in a timely manner go to Stillwell, they rock. Thanks a lot!

Travis KingService Manager, Steamboat Powersports, 2012 300 XC-W and 2013 450 XC-F

I recently had Stillwell revalve the suspension on my 2012 350 XCF and two other buddies’ 2013 300 XC and 350 XCF. The results are unanimous. Stillwell rocks! Bike are all very plush, do not deflect, and still have good bottoming resistance. I’ve put several hours on mine and have been able to increase my speed DRAMATICALLY in the rocks and chop. Bike is very planted and turns better than ever. I am very impressed with Alan and his crew’s work. In fact, I liked it so much that we are now a dealer for them. Thanks guys.

Keith SerpaOwner, Carson Motorsports/KTM, 2012 KTM 350 XCF


Your set up and clickers were right on the money. The sag, although I check it, was also right on @ 105 without adjusting it.

The suspension is a big improvement for 195 lbs rider from stock. I also put a tubeless kit in the tires and have better traction, that combined with your suspension set up make the 350 KTM the best handling dirt bike I have ever ridden!

All the best,

Scott LindsayGeneral Manager, KTM of Grand Junction -- 2013 KTM350XC-F


Just when I thought I could not go any faster and I was washed up. I
called you and we talked about my favorite riding areas which are
Rampart Range, Taylor Park, and Moab. These areas are very different
from each other in terrain. Rampart is whooped out like they buried VW
Bugs. You dialed in my 2010 KTM 530 XC-W like a Magic Carpet! Now I
skim the tops smooth, suspension is so balanced at all speeds,
eliminated braking bumps, and pulls straight out of corners. Two
clicks softer made the roots and rocks disappear at Taylor Park. In
the Moab desert the suspension was epic on square edged rocks. Thanks
for letting me find some speed and making my friends jealous!

Vic Curci2010 KTM 530 XC-W

Alan-just finished a ride after you redid my forks last Friday. HUGE
improvement and the bike is tracking better than ever. The bike
handles both the small sharp terrain along with the rolling whoops.
Great job and thanks.

Dave Surridge2009 KTM 300 XC

I started out a little over a year ago on a stock 2006 YZ125. I am a novice desert rider and really enjoyed riding my bike, but after a year, there was something missing, but what? I started doing research on the suspension and figured out that the stock suspension was the problem. A friend recommended Stillwell performance so I gave Alan a call. He spoke with me extensively about the bike, what kind of riding I did, where I rode, and my skill level. He recommended springs for my weight, a re-valve and lowering the bike one inch. The turnaround time was great. When I got the bike back, I took it on a 55 mile ride and could not believe it. The bike was absolutely perfect. All the fatigue I had felt from riding before was gone. Lowering the bike made a big difference also. I struggled with the height on the bike before and often would fall because I could not get my foot down. Alan had it dialed in perfect. Places where I had trouble with the terrain before, the bike performed excellently now. He also told me the bike would feel lighter, and it did! It felt like he shaved 50 lbs. off the front end. Being a 49 year old female rider, Alan understood what would make the bike better for me. I highly recommend Stillwell Performance.

Thank You Alan. I love my bike now.

Yvette Smith2006 Yamaha YZ125

Thanks Stillwell Performance! My beat up 2009 300 XCW and I took 1st in the A Class Team Race (Team Rocky Mountain Sport Riders) and 2nd in the A Class 30+ (25th Overall) at the WEBE Round # 4, 2013 Powderhorn Race. It’s hard to upgrade to a newer bike because the Stillwell suspension rides so good on this one!

Spencer Ball2009 300 XCW

Alan, My suspension is unbelievable. Best suspension work I’ve ever had done. Plush, predictable, uses mostly the mid-stroke, no bottoming. A magic carpet. Thanks for the fine work.

William Agnew2013 KTM 450XC-W

I ride both of these bikes in extremely rocky technical single track conditions in both Montana and Idaho. With stock suspension I was experiencing defection on both the front and rear of the bike, which was frustrating. My philosophy is I simply want to ride my bike and I want it to work right. I don’t want to have to think about my suspension, I just want it to work properly. Like most guys out there suspension is a bit of a mystery, and I decided to get both bikes fixed.

After a ton of research, asking friends and strangers-I sent both bikes to Stillwell Performance, mainly because of their reputation. Between friends that have had work done there and the excellent comments on sites like KTM Talk I called and spoke with them. They really took the time to understand what I was looking for, and their diagnosis was spot on.

Both bikes are superb. How they approached each bike to get the same incredible result was a bit different. I know they used their new Pro Valves, springs, valving etc. But what is most important to me is that both machines are fantastic off road. Very planted feeling, silky smooth in the rocks and have great progression on faster stuff. Awesome results.

Stillwell Performance-don’t trust anyone else!

Breon Robertson2012 KTM 200XC-W -- 2011 Husaberg FE390

I finally got to ride my 200 with your suspension upgrades. I rode 70 high mountain single track miles here in Southern Idaho and the bike is magic! Everything about it is perfect. Great job!

Todd Hunzeker2013 KTM 200 XC-W

The suspension came in and all I can say is WOW!!! Amazing I have never had a front stay planted like this. Pointed it and that is where it went. (ruts , sand , roots nothing bothered it) I was riding a full skill level above what I was before. Went from intermediate to expert just from the suspension. Felt very confident and comfortable. You did in one revalve what 2 other shops could not do on multiple tries! Thank you so much. Had 2 of my friends ride it and they came back in grinning .

Thanks again,

Barry Jones2013 KTM 350XCF-W

I highly recommend Stillwell for your suspension needs. I am a vertically challenged adult on a custom mini bike. My bike is a 150R frame with a 250 motor, so not a cookbook recipe setup bike. Stillwell made my bike feel amazing! It is super compliant over slow rocky sections, while still stiff enough to blitz whoops & fly down a rugged dirt road. Simply amazing! Thanks again! I will be back for certain!

Pamela GrimHonda CRF 150

Alan Stillwell did a fantastic job getting my suspension set up for the last two races and made all the difference at the Camp Wood finale. Stillwell Performance is amazing and I can’t wait to see how we refine the suspension for next year.

Andy Little2012 KTM 350 XC-F

Alan just wanted to let you know that I think you did a fantastic job on my 2013 250XC, I couldn’t be happier. I was out testing last Sunday and yesterday with it and was stoked how well it tracked and soaked up the small choppy stuff. The sag was dead on and the clickers were all 1-2 clicks from being perfect for my liking. Awesome!

Kiel Mueller2013 KTM 250XC

Hi Alan. I had to let you know how awesome my suspension worked. I raced a terrible mudder this past weekend,it rained the whole race. I can honestly say there is no way I could have finished with how stiff the suspension was before. My KTM suspenders worked amazing! Thanks for a incredibly plush ride!

Mark Davenport2013 KTM 300XC

I liked everything about my new 2013 Kawasaki KXF250 except the suspension. It was stiff and really harsh feeling. The difference you made in this thing is nothing short of amazing. I had heard that the Showa single function fork was tough to make work right but you nailed the setup.

The best part is that two of my buddies, both strong WORCS racers and die hard Kawi guys rode it and were flat out impressed. I can see why most of your business is by customer referrals, you took great care of me and my bike is just awesome!

C. Brown2013 Kawasaki KXF250

I always felt the front on my 2010 690 was harsh and didn’t feel planted. Alan Stillwell worked his magic adding springs front and rear. This allowed the rear to sit properly and bias more weight to the front. The valving allows the wheels to move much faster over the ground providing more traction without chatter (I can actually accelerate on washboard without the back end neither packing nor swapping). It’s almost like cheating over the rocks, the boingers are super compliant, rarely deflect, and make it so I almost don’t have to pick a line; just pin it and plow over the crap. On the slab all the small chop is eliminated and the bike ride is more comfortable on longer rides. A huge improvement overall and no question a must do for riders that think their 690 is a dirt bike.

Pete Marckmann2010 KTM 690 Enduro

I’ve known Alan for years and he has always had a niche for working on bikes. I have had Alan do the suspension on my last three bikes and have been exceptionally impressed with how awesome the bike feels! I recently had him do the suspension on my new 2013 RMZ 450 and once again the bike runs great! I took the bike out to Thunder Valley Motocross Track in Lakewood, CO and the overall handling of the bike over a rough track was the biggest improvement. Such great customer service Stillwell Performance has. I recommend Alan’s services at Stillwell Performance to everyone!

Zach Morris2013 Suzuki RMZ450

Took the 2013 KTM 350 XC-F out to Wildcat today and it totally rocks! I love it! It works better the faster I go and really sticks in the corners and good in the sand also. I would say you have some magic going there. Need to get a mile markers ride in to find some more rocks but I found myself hitting rocks and rough stuff on purpose just to see how good the suspension was working! Never did that with the stock set up. Will definitely do the 300 at next service!

Steve Speaks2013 KTM 350XC-F

Hey Alan,Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the great work Stillwell Performance did on the setup of my 2012 Kawasaki KXF450 suspension.  The turn-around time was awesome and quality of work excellent.  From initial contact to getting the suspension serviced was a fast and very informative experience.  You knew just what I needed to make it better.

Prior to your work, I had issues with the suspension not performing well, deflecting off stuff and just being a rough ride all the way around the MX track.  My lap times suffered as well.  Now, I can run faster over breaking bumps, corner speed is better and the bike doesn’t beat me up around the track like it used to.
In fact, our timed testing and videos show that I have gained 5 seconds a lap faster lap times over what I was running before your service. – First time out with it.  I expect that number will get even better as we dial it in for individual track conditions and my new found speed!

This should help greatly in my efforts to qualify for the Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s again this year and make a return trip.

I have several friends, even a pro rider or two that I am sending your way to see what you can do for them as well.

My other bike suspension is headed your way soon and I’ll keep you posted on how things go with this one.

Many thanks!

Jeff StuckeyLL's Amateur Nationals #35 -- 2013 Kawasaki KXF450

I really hate choppy ground and all of the small “trail junk” out there that makes your bike kick around and feel so unstable. Well, I can now say that I used to hate that because this is a thing of the past now that Alan has applied his knowledge, expertise, and Race Tech components to my suspension setup. Essentially the “trail junk” has disappeared due to being absorbed by the sweet, progressive action of my Stillwell Performance tuned suspension. No more deflection, no more skitter-skatter feeling, no more sore back and butt cheeks!”We have also been able to drag Alan away from the workshop for long enough for him to film four very informative suspension tuning segments with one to be featured in each of the four DVDs in our new series of DirtWise with Shane Watts Advanced Instructional DVDs. Plus all students who attend a DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding school receive a free discount coupon for their suspension tuning needs. Thanks to Stillwell Performance for providing such awesome expertise and workmanship.

Shane Watts, Six Time Australian Enduro ChampionAustralian 500cc Motocross Champion - 1997 World Enduro Champion - 1998 International Six Day Enduro Overall Champion - 2000 Grand National Cross Country Champion