SP 4CS Fork Tune - $240


* Custom valving - $240 (Selected by us based off of your individual needs and riding characteristics/abilities)

*All services listed under fork rebuild

Recommended additions

*Fork springs -$145 (We measure your existing Springs, if they match our solution that we have chosen for you, then there is no need to sell you new ones. If not, we have plenty in inventory to insure your suspension is right)

*SKF fork seals Installed - $80 (If current seals have more than 15hrs of ride time or are leaking)

4CS Fork Service - $125

*Inspection and cleaning of all parts (Main Bushings only cleaned and inspected if seals are replaced.)

* Blud Racing Lubricants 3wt

Upgrades and Creature Comforts

*High Performance Coatings!!! - $500-1100