Besides the "How much is it gonna cost?" question the three most common questions we get are seen below. If you are shipping us your suspension, you could save a few bucks by reading that answer...(Hint...read it..)

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-You can use any delivery service you like, however try to use an appropriate sized box or gun case. (please no packing peanuts)
-Make sure stock screws are installed in the fork bleed ports (push button fork bleeders will leak and or break)
- Give us the dimensions of your box/case, we can send you a label (our prices are typically less than your local UPS Store)

Motocross / Motorcycle Riding and Racing Suspension Intervals

At 20 hours your suspension fluid will start to break down. By 30 to 40 hours you will begin to notice a decrease in performance in your suspension damping, symptom’s will include faster rebound in both fork and shock as well as a loss in plushness.

This is why you may find yourself adding more compression and rebound to your shock and fork as the oil degrades. That is a signal that its time for a oil service.

As a added benefit we will install any updated valving at no additional charge.

Mountain Bikes 

Mountain bike suspensions should be refreshed at a minimum of the factory specifications. Different brands and different models within each brand all vary in service intervals. Depending on how much you ride and how demanding you are on your bike, the intervals can range from 10 hours to 100 hours.

We rarely see a fork or shock go the recommended interval without serious loss of performance and ride quality.  Since there is such a small amount of oil in mountain bike suspension components servicing them makes a huge difference in the performance of the bike.