MTB Suspension

Welcome to SP Suspension -  MTB Suspension Tuning

For over a decade we have been servicing suspensions from all major manufacturers.  We have the expertise to fix any mountain bike fork or shock but Fox suspensions and Rock Shox suspensions are our primary focus. If you are running Marzocchi shocks or forks or Formula forks, Ohlin suspension or others, feel free to give us a call as we can probably work on them or direct you to others who can do a better job for you.

Suspension and Seat Post Services

The single most important thing you can do for your bikes performance and your enjoyment is service the suspension as the manufacturer suggests or sooner if you notice a performance degradation.

This is not us selling you a service, this is from one rider to another. Even if you are not really sure if your fork or shock needs servicing. If you are past the hours the factory recommends, your bike needs it and your ride is suffering. 

  • Regular Service Intervals - please consult your service manual for the intervals your suspension requires. If you do not have your manual call us or consult the manufactur's web site. We have the service lists of factory recommendations and do the service right.
  • Custom  Tuning - intermediate and advanced riders will benefit from a custom tune. If your suspension needs servicing, you might as well spring for a custom tune at the same time and save some money.
  • Complete Rebuilds - This is different from regular service intervals in that we replace all critical components of your suspension besides changing fluids and seals.

Turn Around Time

One of the great reasons to use SP Suspension for your rebuild or tuning is the quick turn around. Typically the factories have a long turn around time because they specialize in manufacturing. Since we only do forks and shocks, we will turn your suspension around in ususally about 1/3 of the time. 

Besides the quick turn around, we can and do custom tune your suspension to your riding style. We will customize your suspensions shim stacks, valving and spring rate (if you are running springs or coils).  The performance you get from your bike will be infinitely better that stock and provide much better traction and cornering.


All Fork Service - Lowers only - $50 + parts

Full Rebuilds for Fox Moutain Bike Suspension Including:

Fox Float 32-36 - $140 + parts

Fox Float 38 - $140 + parts

Fox Float 40 - $140 + parts

Fox AX Gravel Fork - $140 + parts

Fox Float RP23, CTD, DPS, DHX2 - $140 + parts

Fox Float DPX2,X2 - $140 + parts

Full Rebuilds for all RockShox MTB Suspension Models Including:

Rock Shox Pike, Lyric, Reba - $140 + parts

Rock Shox  SID, ZEB, Judy, Recon - $140 + parts

Rock Shox  Boxxer - $140 + parts

Rock Shox  Monarch + - $140 + parts

Rock Shox  Monarch RC3, Vivid - $140 + parts

Rock Shox  Sidluxe, Super Deluxe, Vivid Air and Vivid Coil  - $140 + parts

Rebuild Pricing for Ohlins Moutain Bike Suspension Modles Including:

Ohlins - DH38 downhill fork - $140 + parts

Ohlins - TTX22 Coil, TTX Air  - $140 + parts

Ohlins - RXF34, RXF36, RXF 36 EVO - $140 + parts

Seat Post

Reverb - $120

Fox - $120