Dirt Bike Suspension

When it comes to dirt bike suspension tuning and management few names exceed the history and working reputation of SP Suspension. For over 20 years SP Suspension has been working with factory race teams, privateers, weekend warriors, and new riders to set up their dirt bikes suspension. From dirt bike forks to shocks, we have seen and tuned it all when it comes to motorcycle suspensions.  Both European brands and Japanese, our expertise will help get the best possible performance out of your dirt bike and allow you to get the most out of yourself as a rider.

Three Reasons to Service or Tune your Suspension

1) Speed - Riding a dirt bike suspension that has been properly set up will make you faster PERIOD. You will be faster because you will be able to go over obstacles faster. You will be faster because you will have more confidence in you equipment. You will be faster because you will not have to work so hard on the bike and therefore be fresher.

2) Traction - Keeping your tires planted on the ground is key to faster and safer cornering speeds, better hill climbs, control on whoops and rocky technical single track.

3) Safety - A better working suspension provides increased traction and therefore control and it reduces fatigue so you can maintain higher levels of concentration for longer periods of time.

The Worlds Best Dirt Bike Suspension Tuners

We are thrilled that our dirt bike suspension upgrades and tuning tips have been featured in magazines around the world and ridden my multiple champions.  Which is why riders who want the maximum enjoyement and benefit from their motos send their dirt bikes fork and shocks to us regularly. Enduro, Desert, Moto Cross and Adventure bikes all benefit from SP suspension upgrades and service.

We perform factory maintenance intervals and full custom suspension set ups. Our custom tunes include new oil, new seals, new springs if needed, custom shim-stack, re-valving, nitrogen and sag set up. All you have to do is fill out the rider information form and ship your supension to us. (Locals can bring it by The shop if your lucky to live in the area) - We will even save you money on shipping if you call us. We ship so many suspensions around the country / globe we will let you use our volume discount to reduce your shipping cost.

So if you simply need your suspension serviced or want to upgrade the performance of your dirt bike, just give us a call. We have direct conections to the factory for parts and information and we can help you with virtually any era bike.

All levels of riders are treated like factory racers and get the benefit of our decades of experience.

If you are unsure what suspension is on your bike or if you’re having trouble deciding what you need, just give us a call and we will get you going in the right direction:
(866) 460-0896